Why SEO Professionals Use Kontent Machine

Why SEO Professionals Should Still Use Kontent Machine?

If you are an SEO professional and want to increase your workflow significantly, you must use a tool called Kontent Machine/ It is used by many people to generate useful content in mass quantities.

How can Kontent Machine help you? It is the best tool out there to generate articles for link-building purposes. Kontent Machine offers several services and other tools. These include its own Article Spinner and campaign generator. Kontent Machine is basically a comprehensive software that is designed to help SEO professionals accelerate their article generation along with their SEO campaigns.

Why SEO Professionals Use Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine offers two types of pricing plans for their services. The first is a subscription that you have to renew every month if you want to keep using it. The other is their lifetime license which you can get for a one-time payment. Kontent Machine’s pricing starts at $37 a month.

Stick with us to find out why Kontent Machine is an important tool for SEO professionals.

Kontent Machine Use Cases

Kontent Machine has several purposes but its key focus is helping SEO people improve their ranking. To do this, it offers a lot of services and tools. These mainly include their Article Spinner, SEO campaign starter, and Article Scraper. Kontent Machine helps SEO professionals in several different scenarios. Some of the uses cases of Kontent Machine are listed below:

Content Generation

The first and most common use of Kontent Machine is its content generation tool. This tool works by scrapping and skimming thousands of sources from the internet to provide you with a high-quality article.

You can generate articles in large quantities through their bulk feature. These articles can later be used for link-building purposes. They even have the option to export your articles to a link-building software directly.

SEO Campaign Builder

One other key feature of Kontent Machine is its SEO Campaign starter. It is mostly used by SEO professionals to create entire SEO campaigns from scratch. It works very simply and allows you to customize the campaign in many ways.

Kontent Machine lets you insert 3 keywords and you will also be able to choose what your content resource should be. This might be local files or a scraper of your choice or both. Then you can also choose the quality of the spun articles.

Backlink Creation

We have already talked about how you can use Kontent Machine for link-building purposes. To elaborate further, you can provide them with a source article. They will spin it through their built-in article spinner, and create lots of copies of it.

You can then use any link-building software or insert these articles into web 2.0 s to sites and article directories to help you with your SEO ranking.

Social Media Posts and Bios

Another great use of the Kontent Machine can be done in creating social media posts. It will generate content specifically optimized for social media.

You can also use Kontent Machine to generate bios for companies and websites online.

An Overview of Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine is a highly-popular tool among SEO professionals and it is mainly used to generate thousands of articles for backlinking and other similar purposes. Kontent Machine not only offers many services and tools itself, but it also allows the integration of other useful tools. The most used integrated tools into Kontent Machine are often link-building software.

Kontent Machine

Some of the main tools offered by Kontent Machine include an article generator, article spinner, bio generator, article scraper, and backlinks creator.

Kontent Machine offers simple pricing plans for its services that many people can afford easily. In addition to their affordable plans, they also offer some discounts on their monthly plans from time to time.

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Kontent Machine Key Features

It is no wonder that Kontent Machine is a first-choice tool for a lot of SEO professionals today. The features that they offer make it almost appealing to people who deal with SEO too often. Some of the Kontent Machine features include bulk spinning, and article scrapping on mass.

The most notable features of the Kontent Machine are given in the list below:

  • You can do article spinning in bulk
  • Kontent Machine has a built-in article spinner
  • It supports Spintax formats
  • It lets you choose the quality of the article
  • You can manually insert links, images, and videos in the content created
  • Kontent Machine also has the option of automatic link and image insertion
  • They have a 30-day refund guarantee

Kontent Machine Pricing Plans

The two pricing plans offered by them are completely similar in terms of features but very different when it comes to price and duration. Both their pricing plans are discussed below:

Kontent Machine Pricing

Kontent Machine Monthly ($37)

This plan is a subscription type and it can be renewed every month. Kontent Machine charges a non-increasable price of $37 for their monthly plan.

Kontent Machine Lifetime ($357)

To enjoy Kontent Machine for a lifetime, you only have to pay a simple one-time fee of $357. This plan will give you lifetime access to all the features of Kontent Machine.

Kontent Machine FAQs

We have listed some of the FAQs about how Kontent Machine can serve SEO researchers the best.

What Is Kontent Machine?

Kontent Machine is a complete software that offers content-generating services mainly for SEO professionals.

Can You Create Articles For Backlinks?

Yes, you absolutely can create thousands of articles via their built-in spinner to use for backlinking purposes.

Is Kontent Machine Recommended For Money Sites?

Kontent Machine does not recommend using its services for money websites. However, you can use it on your private blogs to help you improve your ranking.

Can You Integrate Other Tools Into Kontent Machine?

Yes, Kontent Machine allows integration of all other tools. This feature is mainly helpful if you insert the link-building software along with other SEO tools.


It is pretty clear now that Kontent Machine is a tool built with the idea of helping SEO professionals. It helps in writing new content and then spinning it to create lots of copies of it.

Kontent Machine is also affordable and the money it charges is far less than the services are worth. It can help SEO professionals with backlinks, SEO campaigns, and other articles.






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