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Kontent Machine vs Article Forge 2023 – Pricing & Features Compar

The advancement of AI and other technologies means that more tools are born with unique capabilities and features. Two of the leading tools in the content writing industry are Kontent Machine and Article Forge. They both are powered by modern technologies like AI and machine learning. However, they have their differences and each one of them has its own distinctive benefits.

Kontent Machine simply uses its data training and machine learning along with freshly conducted research to provide you with the perfect article. On the contrary, Article Forge uses scraped to generate the best possible articles for you. Not all of the content generated by both these tools is great, but it can still save you quite some time.

Kontent Machine vs Article Forge

Kontent Machine is not just an article-generating tool, it is a complete set of tools for anyone who wants to improve their website’s SEO. The tools that Kontent Machine offers include an article spinner and a content curator. In contrast, Article Forge’s primary purpose is to generate articles that are ready to be published. They don’t offer lots of native tools but you can use their API to integrate other useful tools into its software.

Article Forge allows its customers to pay monthly or yearly for the same pricing plan. This has a downside that the short-term payment option is more expensive than the long-term deal. They do not offer a lifetime deal but they still have the option for custom pricing plans. Kontent Machine on the other hand offers only a monthly and a lifetime pricing plan.

Kontent Machine vs Article Forge: Key Differences

There are quite a few differences between Kontent Machine and Article Forge. Most of these are the way these two operate. Kontent Machine works differently when it comes to generating an article. Article Forge cannot spin articles while Kontent Machine can.

Some of the key differences between Kontent Machine and Article Forge are discussed below:

Content Sources

The first difference that sets both these tools apart is where they take their content inspiration from. Kontent Machine researches article directories and web 2.0 websites and learns the required data from there. While Article Forge uses content that is scraped from around the web. None of the content that these two generate has plagiarism in it because of the smart way of generating articles.


Both of these tools do offer content customization to certain extents. However, Kontent Machine takes the lead in this case as it is slightly more customizable as compared to Article Forge. Article Forge and its content can be customized in several ways. The most common way is the inclusion of keywords. While it also allows you to choose whether or not you want to include media in your article.

Services And Tools

One other significant difference between these two tools is the services and tools that they provide. Article Forge merely offers you an article writer that you can use to write great quality articles. While Kontent Machine offers an article writer too, but additionally they offer a spinner, an article scraper, and a keyword researcher. This makes the services and tools of Kontent Machine even broader than Article Forge.

Word Limits

One crucial difference between these two tools is that one has word limits in its plans while the other does not. Kontent Machine allows you to write as much as you want without any restriction. You can generate 1,000,000 words using Kontent Machine and you will not have to pay a single extra penny. On the contrary, Article Forge charges according to how many words you include in your plan. If you exceed that monthly word limit, you will have to pay extra.

Pricing Plans

The final difference that we are going to talk about between Article Forge and Kontent Machine is in their pricing plans. Kontent Machine offers two pricing plans mainly just like Article Forge does. But they offer plans for different durations with different prices.

Article Forge Pricing

Kontent Machine has a monthly pricing plan that does not have any word limits. Its starting price is only $37. The other plan that they offer is a lifetime deal. You will only have to pay a one-time fee of $357 for this plan.

Article Forge offers a yearly and a monthly plan but they also offer a custom plan. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly for the same plan. The starting price of their general plan is only $13 per month. This applies only if you pay yearly. This plan includes only 25,000 words a month.

Monthly Pricing$27/month
Yearly Pricing$13/month
Article Forge Discount51% Off
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Kontent Machine vs Article Forge: Similarities

Despite having a few differences, Kontent Machine and Article Forge are still quite similar. They both write content and provide good-quality articles. Some of their main similarities are discussed below:

Content Generation

Both Article Forge and Kontent Machine have the core purpose of writing content They both do this pretty well and provide bloggers and SEO experts with the content that they require.

Plagiarism Check

Kontent Machine and Article Forge both do plagiarism checks when delivering an article. This ensures that both deliver their best article when it comes to quality and plagiarism.

Multilingual Content

Kontent Machine lets you write content in many different languages. Similarly, Article Forge has support for several languages. This feature that both have in common makes them quite useful tools.

API Access

Kontent Machine and Article Forge both provide API access to all of their customers. This is quite useful because it allows you to integrate other tools into their respective software. In the end, you get more functionality from either of these.

Final Words

To conclude things, Article Forge and Kontent Machine are two tools that both provide people with valuable content. You can generate a full-form article within a few seconds using Article Forge.

Kontent Machine is also the same thing, with the exception of having additional services. We talked about the main differences between Article Forge and Kontent Machine in this article.






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