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Best Kontent Machine Alternative Tools From The Web 2023

SEO professionals and website owners must be familiar with Kontent Machine. Kontent Machine offers content generation services specifically focused on SEO. They have their drawbacks as well. That’s we are going to tell you about 4 Kontent Machine alternative tools here.

Kontent Machine was created in 2011 to serve the content-writing community in creating large quantities of articles. This has turned out pretty good and still many people use it to generate articles. However, today, there are other companies that offer somewhat similar services but with more flexible options. These Kontent Machine alternative tools include SEO Content Machine, Article Forge, WordAi, and Spin Rewriter.

Kontent Machine Alternative

SEO Content Machine offers a lot of tools and SEO-benefitting services to take the lead. They are best used in SEO content generation. Next comes Article Forge, which uses AI to write articles that are optimized for SEO. Similarly, WordAi is a rewriting tool that can make a lot of unique copies of an article. And the last alternative for Kontent Machine is Spin Rewriter. It makes great use of ENL to spin articles into hundreds of unique new ones.

Keep reading till the end to find out which is the best alternative to Kontent Machine.

Kontent Machine: An Overview

It should be noted that Kontent Machine was created in order to help SEO professionals create articles for backlinks. However, it is much more than that nowadays. Kontent Machine Generates articles that are of great quality.

Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine also offers additional services like article spinning, article scrapping, and “about me” generation. All these make it a valuable choice for many.

The pricing plans of Kontent Machine include a monthly and a lifetime deal. Their monthly subscription costs up to $37. While you can get their lifetime license for as low as $357. This is a one-time fee for lifetime access to Kontent Machine.

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The list of the Kontent Machine alternative tools starts from here.

1. SEO Content Machine (Starts at $27)

SEO Content Machine is the most likely replacement for Kontent Machine. The main reason behind this is they both focus on content that is SEO centered. The list of tools offered by SEO Content Machine also makes them a reliable alternative to Kontent Machine.

SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine Pricing

SEO Content Machine offers two groups of pricing plans. One is the plans for their individual AI writer while the other group includes plans for all of their services.

The starting price for their individual services is $9 a month, while their normal pricing plans start at $27 a month. They also have a lifetime deal of $197.

SEO Content Machine Key Features

The most notable features of SEO Content Machine are listed below:

  • They have pre-built templates for content creation
  • Offers Article Writing and spinning services
  • Built-in image and video insertion
  • API access for integration of other tools

Article Forge (Starts at $13)

Article Forge is another tool that you can use as an alternative to Kontent Machine. It mainly uses AI to create good-quality content that is also optimized for SEO. They also offer flexible pricing plans for their services. Article Forge provides API access so you can integrate any other SEO tool into it.

Article Forge

Article Forge Pricing Plans

The pricing plans offered by Article Forge are well-structured and simple. They have an option for a custom plan. It lets you choose how many users you want to include in it and then you can also add a specific number of words to it.

The other plan of Article Forge lets you pay yearly and monthly. If you pay yearly, they will charge you only $13 for 25,000 words every month. As you increase the number or words, the price also increases.

Article Forge Key Features:

A list of some of the most useful Article Forge features is given below:

  • It offers AI-powered content writing
  • Article Forge also does automatic topic and keyword research
  • It has a Built-in plagiarism checker
  • You can plan automatic content scheduling
  • Article Forge supports multiple languages

WordAi (Starts at $27)

Another highly recommended alternative to Kontent Machine is WordAi. WordAi uses AI in a unique way to rewrite content. It can rewrite articles in large quantities at once. WordAi also focuses on SEO more than normal rewriting tools.


WordAi Pricing Plans

WordAi offers monthly, yearly, and custom pricing plans. The first two plans are single use while the third plan can include many users. Other than that, all three pricing plans have the same features.

The monthly plan costs you an amount of $57, however, if you pay yearly for the same plan, the monthly cost is reduced to $27. This is quite affordable compared to when you pay monthly.

WordAi Key Features

Some of the main features of WordAi are listed below:

  • WordAi understands and generates human-like text
  • It also supports multiple languages
  • It can rewrite entire paragraphs and articles
  • WordAi has a built-in grammar and spelling checker

Spin Rewriter (Starts at $47)

Spin Rewriter is the last tool in the list of alternative tools for the Kontent Machine. It specializes in rewriting content through its ENL technology which is powered by AI. It offers several eye-catching features that make it one of the best alternative tools for the Kontent Machine.

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter Pricing Plans

Spin Rewriter offers 3 pricing plans that you can purchase at very reasonable prices. Their monthly plan is not the one we would recommend because it costs up to $47.

If you get their yearly plan, you will only have to pay $77. You will also be offered additional bonuses on this plan. The other Spin Rewriter plan is their lifetime plan which has a one-time payment of $497.

Spin Rewriter Key Features

Spin Rewriter’s most popular features are listed below.

  • It uses Emulated Natural Language to produce better-quality content
  • Cloud-based platform for easy access
  • Spin Rewriter also has a built-in grammar and spelling checker
  • It integrates with popular content management systems for auto-posting

Kontent Machine Alternative Tools: Conclusion

Kontent Machine has several alternatives but we discussed some of the best ones in this article. It is not easy to pick one, as all have different specifications and their own drawbacks.

If you want a tool that is most similar to Kontent Machine then you should go with SEO Content Machine. People who want great quality unique articles can choose Article Forge. However, if you want to spin unlimited articles then Spin Rewriter is a good option. Finally, is you want to get a taste of new and improved AI content then WordAi is the best option.






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