5 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords [Hint: #3 is the Most Powerful Benefit]

Traffic is must for any online business.

Are you agree with me?

If you have just started your micro niche blog, and planning to make big $$$ from your blog, then quality traffic must have.

How do you get that?

…using long tail keywords.

In today’s guide, I’m going to show you five most powerful benefits of long tail keywords which will instantly get you quality targeted traffic to your new launched blog if you start using now.

First of all.

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What is long tail keywords? The definition of long tail keywords

A keyword which has 4+ words in it is called as long tail keywords.


Examples of long tail keywords:

  • best steam irons on the market
  • best steam iron available in india
  • best steam iron box brand in india
  • best steam iron that doesn’t leak

You might be wondering we have heard about only a keyword in SEO then what is this long tail keyword?!

Don’t worry; You will get your answer very soon.

Let’s do a difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords


You know about the long tail keyword that a keyword which has 4+ words in it called as long tail phrase.


What is short tail keywords?

Short tail keywords have no exact definition at all. Means other than long tail phrases are called as short tail keywords or generic keywords or main or seed keywords.

Let’s discuss

The benefits of long tail keywords

#1: Significant search volume:

When we compare long tail phrases and short tail phrases we can conclude that longer version has low search volume than a shorter one.

How it benefits you?


People are in a hurry to target high search volume keywords in their articles, and they never look at low volume phrases because they have the mindset that they will target high volume phrase and get massive traffic.


If you have good backlink resources then and then you should target short tail keywords which have high search volumes in majority cases.

Target low search volume keywords and rank for other keywords as well.

#2: Competition:

When we look at the competition of long tail ones it’s fairly low competitive than shorter ones.


As I told you earlier, Majority people don’t target. They just overlook this type of keywords.

#3: Higher CPC:

One of the best advantages of using long tail keywords is you can expect to get higher CPC.

Higher the CPC, More Adsense Revenue!

What if you get low competitive, high search volume and higher CPC long tail phrase then massive traffic and good revenue at the same time.

Advertisers know long tail phrase is the very specific term.


how to write blog spot within 30 minutes

This is a very specific term that tells that people are looking for the best procedure to write blog spot that can finish within 30 minutes or less.

#4: More CTR:

This is an obvious reason for having higher CTR for long tail keywords.


They are very specific in their requirements. Hence, Google searchers are more likely to click on the very specific targeted ads in the Google.

Here’s the example of one ad:

#5: Ranking is very easy to achieve:

I know:

This is what you need. Easy Ranking!

If you target long tail phrases in your content, then you can easily get good ranking by just getting few comment links, directory links, and Web 2.0 links.

If you rank on google’s first page, then you will have massive traffic on your site.

More traffic means more chances of conversion.

More conversion means more money in your pocket.


The question is how to find long tail keywords?

There are lot’s of free and paid long tail keyword tools available in the market that allow you to find with less effort.

The Best Long Tail Keywords Generator Tools

#1: Keyword shitter

This is one of my favorite tool for keyword research.

It’s completely FREE!

You just need to enter your seed keyword, and it will shit hundred’s of new keyword for you.


Go to keywordshitter.com

Enter your main keyword in the box then click on “shit keywords.”

In few seconds you will have awesome things in your hands.

Even you can use a positive filter for finding the keywords that have exact words in it. Or Negative filter.


#2: Uber suggest:

This is also a FREE tool that allows you to find golden nuggets for your targeted keyword.

It uses Google API and works as Google auto-suggest tool but lets you find in your desired country that’s totally awesome.

One thing that I like most here is user friendliness of the tool. It’s necessary to have and when you gonna use daily then It must be well designed and mobile friendly as well.


Go to ubersuggest.io

Enter your seed keyword and choose country and platform web, youtube, images, shopping or news.

Click on suggest, and it will suggest some profitable long tail keywords.

Note: Use keyword everywhere Chrome extension for getting search volume.

That’s It!



You might be thinking how to use long tail keywords in the content effectively then there is a simple formula to use is as many as without doing keyword stuffing.

Don’t forget to include LSI keywords within the content that help Google to understand your content in the more better way.

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Final Thoughts:

I hope you liked this article and if you gain some knowledge about benefits of long tail keywords, a process of finding and tools from this, don’t forget to share with your friends.






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