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Niche blogging is getting popular day by day, when I started my blogging career I don’t know anything about niche blogging, after working on my blog for one year, I came to know how much difficult it is to compete with authority blogs and started doing research on niche blogs.

Niche blogs, particularly micro niche blogs are very easy to rank in Google because here we will select one topic and cover complete information about that keyword in our niche blog, where readers get all the information they want at one place and Google considers us as the expert in that niche.

If we want to rank for any niche blog then we should have quality content on our blog, creating content on niche blogs takes time and effort, if you have more than one blog then you need to hire people to get content.

Today I am going to share about one tool which helps us a lot in building content for niche blogs without any hard work, so let’s jump into our main topic.

kontent machine v3 review

Kontent Machine V3 Review

Before moving ahead with Kontent Machine V3 review, we need to know what is it and who needs it.

What is Kontent Machine?

We do depend on freelancers to create content, I am using UpWork, Elance, ODesk to get content as per my requirement but here I have to give instructions and check content for plagiarism to come out the problem of duplicate content.

All the above things take a time to get desired content but whereas Kontent machine will provide me unique content by spinning the resources.

It is a spinning tool to generate quality content which reduces my time and effort I put on freelancing sites, simply we can say it is as a smart assistant to get quality content as per my need.

Who Needs Kontent Machine?

I hope you got a fair idea about what is Kontent Machine, now it is the time to know who exactly needs it.

As I said before if you are an affiliate marketer having a lot of niche blogs and looking for the good content creator to publish on your blogs then it is the right tool for you.

Now I will share some of the advantages of Kontent Machine other content spinning.

Kontent Machine Features

  • Generating quality content and correcting it
  • Incorporating LSI keyword as per the content requirement
  • Tier link building content production
  • Tags and categories relevancy
  • Automatically generates title and summary for articles.
  • Provides relevant images and video
  • Effective Spintax
  • Auto Blogger platform integration
  • Third party spinning tools integration like Spinner Chief, KM Spinner, Spin Rewriter, WordAi and SpinChimp.
  • Kontent Machine automatically generates content for GSA, SENuke, Ultimate Demon.

Above all are some of the major features of Kontent Machine and you can some other features once you start using it effectively.

How to use Kontent Machine?

Kontent Machine V3 has brand new interface compared to the old version, here is the new interface screenshot.

Kontent Machine V3 Review Example Interface

Now we will jump into how to create content using Kontent Machine.

Kontent machine content creation

As you can see in the above screenshot all we need to do is entering the keyword and selecting the quality of content like Tier 1, Teir2 or Tier 3 and selecting the images/ videos to include rich media  randomly in the content, finally selecting the export option to send the content in that format.

Export option is the best option to select our preferred software to export the article so that it saves the article in the right format, after completing the content spinning open the software you selected in the export option and import the article to use.

It is a simple process to create content as per your need, it takes very less time and produces unique content as per your need.

How To Create A Campaign?

Creating a campaign in Kontent Machine is very easy

How to create campaign in Kontent Machine

  1. Enter content source information
  2. Select a name for your campaign
  3. Choose keywords, here we can choose 3 keywords
  4. Select the content quality
  5. Select the spinner software
  6. Select media (image/ videos)

Once you finish adding all the fields, you can tweak settings as per your need.

For example,

Scraper Settings

We have the option to do scraper settings in content source box just click on that a pop-up window will appear where you can select number scraper threads and scraper time out and proxies.

Kontent machine scraper settings

Campaign Settings

Under scraper settings, we will find campaign settings which are useful for to avoid adult content, paragraph variations, sentence variations, and bookmark variations.

Here is the screenshot for better understanding

Kontent Machine Campaign settings

Kontent Machine credentials

Kontent Machine can create different versions your own content to use that content in Tier link building or use it as a guest post on other blogs for backlinks.

For this, we need to have third party integration tool like The Best Spinner, once you enter your credentials it will generate content.

Advanced options for Image/ Videos

Advanced settings

In image/ videos advanced setting we can select image width, alignment, and video width and alignment.

Link Settings

Kontent machine link settings

We need to add anchor text links to our content when we are using this content for tier link building purpose, Kontent machine adds links with our anchor texts at relevant places automatically which so natural.

Build the Scraping content

Once we finish all the desired settings as per our need, just click the Build Content it will start generating the content.

Here is the screenshot when it is scraping the content.

scraping content

Content Preview

After building the content it will show us the article in a window just like this below screenshot.

Article preview

Just click on the preview content button to see how your content is generated with contextual links, title, body, and summary.

Import And Export the article 

We can easily import our scraped content into third party tools very easily.

For example, we can easily import content to GSA search engine ranker which is link building tool.


We can export the article to our selected program where we can use this article, once we click the export it will start exporting within seconds of time.

After it completes finishing exporting the content, it creates a folder to save all the content information.

Other Kontent Machine Features

Other Kontent Machine features

As you can see in the above we screenshot we have other features of Kontent Machine like Bookmarks, article getter, about me, Word spinner, UnSpinner, Bulk Spinner, Publish files, and campaign.

the downside of the Kontent Machine

The only downside of this product is it doesn’t have inbuilt proxy server, so we have to depend on other proxy servers for smooth operation.

Kontent Machine Pricing,Discount

Kontent Machine is available for $357 for the lifetime and we can pay $37 per month if we want to use it monthly.

Buy Kontent Machine from here

Conclusion: I hope Kontent Machine V3 review has given all the details you need to know about this software, it is very useful tool for affiliate marketers and links builders in SEO to create great content without depending and spending huge money on freelancers.

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